Sílekta Events creates, manages and promotes exceptional experiences.

Tell me more…?

Well, there are two sides to our business…

–> Consultancy – we’re commissioned by brands, businesses, promotors or individuals to advise on, manage, design, produce and promote memorable events or experiences.

–> Sílekta productions – we create our own event productions, such as our series of Sílekta Socials in Guatemala and London and big-scale music events under our sister brand Piknik Antigua.

How did it all start?

We left our home in England to travel and fell deeply in love with Guatemala. Flyering for underground parties in exchange for free beer soon grew into 100+ people tours and big PR campaigns for international DJ bookings. Our background is in events, brand marketing, PR and journalism. Now we travel between the UK and Central America working on projects in both regions.

In case you wondered, our name Sílekta is a spanglish remix of ‘selecta’, which originally was the name given to the person who selected and passed the vinyl records to be played on the soundsystem. It was born in reggae and dancehall music, but nowadays the word is used to describe a DJ. Or, you know, a cool events brand.

What makes Sílekta special?

We’re powered by love. Yes, that sounds cheesy, but we truly believe you can feel how much love has been put into creating an experience within the first five minutes. If the vibe is ‘off’, it’s usually down to poor planning or carelessness. Every detail – the music, lighting, layout, entertainment, staff, and, crucially, the audience you target through marketing – must be formulated meticulously like your nan’s baked Alaska (that shit’s hard to get right…).

We have attended and worked on hundreds of festivals, brand launches, pop up events, corporate parties, music gigs and are overflowing with original ideas from all corners of the globe. We always push boundaries to make sure your event is unforgettable.

And we’re natural communicators. If the campaign includes marketing and promotion, we’ll engage with locals, tourists, expats and all other keen adventurers, to make sure they know what’s up.

What inspires us most is the smiles on people’s faces enjoying our creations. We’re also slightly addicted to nailing the brief and superseding all expectations, sorry not sorry.

How can I work with you?

Are you interested in launching a PR campaign for your music event?
Looking to create an event that takes things to the next level for your brand?
Perhaps you have an event you’d like us to review?

Email us now at contact@silektaevents.com or send us a note via the form below.

We can’t wait to hear from you,

Sílekta x


Prompt, skilled, knowledgeable and a total blast to work with

Lara was AWESOME! Prompt, skilled, knowledgeable and a total blast to work with. She goes beyond the call of duty and is always in constant communication with us. The final product is amazing. One of my favorite qualities about her is that she has a lot of expertise and was happy to share it with us to help our business grow. She’s the complete package! We couldn’t ask for more.

Darrick Ervin

Incredible results, very impressed

We brought Sílekta Events on board to launch Europe’s Drunken Monkey Bar Crawl in Mexico, the first in Central America. They understood the brief, devised an innovative launch strategy (including prize-loaded QR code wristbands) and achieved numbers higher than we ever anticipated! Highly recommended as a business to collaborate with.

Paul Tedesco

Co-founder, Drunken Monkey Bar Crawl Playa

Well organised, great production values, banging music

I’ve been lucky enough to go to a Silekta event every time I’ve been to Guatemala. After the special experiences I’ve had at these events I wouldn’t miss one for the world. The vibe and people are always on point; even if you go alone you will 100% meet people and feel comfortable straight away. They are always well organized, great production values and banging music guaranteed. Def recommend checking out an event if you can.

JD Daley

Event attendee

Up there with the best

Silekta Events are up there with the best! Selective line ups bringing la creme de la creme of local and international talent, underground and unique venues, creative decors (3D mapping and handmade structures) and chances to share a talk and a warm cacao around a bonfire while listening to great live music. Shout out to Lara for driving her events with the same energy that animates her on the dancefloor! 👌🏼

Kim De La Paillette, France

Event attendee