DJ INTERVIEW: Oneiro (Costa Rica)

We caught up with Costa Rican DJ/producer Oneiro AKA Ivan Cespedes, a pioneer in Costa Rica’s burgeoning electronic music scene.

Oneiro has been playing and making music for 22 years, from psy-trance in the 90s to his signature progressive techno sounds of late. Now he works to create a mix between both genres, blending tech-house percussion and bass lines with unusual psychedelic and hypnotic synth sounds.

He’s one fourth of trailblazing collective Electric Animals, who smashed into the CR scene with their now-infamous day raves and sold out Electric Animals festival.

It was fun to chat…


Let’s start light. What last made you REALLY laugh? 

Jeez, I don’t know! I laugh so often it’s impossible to keep track, especially as I’m messing with my friends on an hourly basis, but I was laughing so hard at this dog meme/video:

LOL. If you were a diva DJ, what ridiculous thing(s) would you add to your rider? Go wild.

100 white towels, 100 kittens, 100 white doves, 100 pairs of clean briefs, 1 bottle of water

Yes, it’s important to hydrate. Would you rather lose your ability to DJ forever OR all food taste like McDonald’s for 10 years?

I’m a vegan! Fuck Macky D’s a million times, but yeah, fuck… I want to taste. Don’t take my music from me (if you’re listening God, please don’t take either of them!!)

We think you’re safe for now. Would you rather run at 100 mph or fly at 10 mph?

Fly, of course, 10 mph means I get to the Stratopause in 5 hours. I’d take a picture of the curvature of the earth just to keep all flat earthers from ridiculing themselves any longer.


What tune or musical memory gives you goosebumps and why? 

Listening to an orchestra live for the first time, playing John William’s Star Wars theme.

If you were reborn as a track, what would it be and why? 

Aha – Take On Me, because my life is like an action cartoon when I least expect it.  

Sounds like quite the trip.
Describe how you feel when you play in three words… 

I feel useful.

Nice answer. OK, we have to go there – what’s your theory on COVID-19…. Bill Gates? 5G? Aliens? Go on, hit us with it.

The people behind the curtain, manipulating everything, and an obvious shift of power, which will nonetheless be used to the U.S advantage, even though it seems to benefit China more.


Off-duty, are you a night owl or early riser? What do you get up to?

Mostly an early riser but I usually play out two or three times a week. Well… before KARANAVIRUZ, now my schedule is all f’ed up.

What are you watching on Netflix? Should we stream it?

I don’t use Netflix, but I am watching Better Call Saul and Westworld and I got this documentary a few weeks ago, called The Substance, about Albert Hoffman. It’s super interesting.

Tell us a weird dream you had recently…

I don’t dream like normal people. All my dreams play out like fantasy movies with solid stories and plot twists. I have like five crazy dreams a week that I can remember. The last one was about a herd of bulls that were each the size of a garbage truck and they were chasing me.

Wow. That’s terrifying! So, back to music… is there a genre you really hate?   

I certainly don’t like reggae much. I love the fathers of reggae roots, but besides that everything seems to have stagnated since the early 80s. No innovation – everything sounds the same.


How do you juggle work life and the party scene? Constant temptation, no?

I have been sober for 9 months, so there’s no temptation anymore. Bigger goals require bigger concentration and discipline. My goals come first, partying doesn’t lead to fulfilling my goals.

PREACH. We love that. How do you prepare for an important set?

I listen to new music for at least a month and the last week I start sorting by genre, by intensity, by vibe, then I start seeing what goes well with what. Once I’ve got everything sorted into folders it’s not hard to piece it together and flow.

Fave career moment of 2019? 

So many, but I guess our Electric Animals Day Party in September, I had so much fun. And closing Lapa stage at Envision Festival is always insane.

Hands down, our favourite set from Envision 2019! So, lastly, what does the life of DJ Oneiro 2030 look like?

Tons of music finished and signed to good labels. I see myself teaching how to make music to a lot of young kids that will continue to propagate my musical legacy in my beautiful country and the rest of the planet.

You’re awesome.

Listen to Oneiro’s tracks and sets on Soundcloud HERE or stream his set from Envision Festival 2020 right now below.


DISCOUNT: Bosnia’s Mladen Tomic in Guatemala

Saturday 8 February from 4 PM – Antigua, Guatemala

Join our exclusive 25% discount guestlist (INFO BELOW)

Local electronic music event promotors The Future Sound and Freakquency start the year with DJ and Producer Mladen Tomic from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who’s landing in Guatemala for the first time.

Tomic is known for his hypnotic techno and tech-house sounds, enhanced with powerful groove lines and bass with a strong personal touch, when producing, mixing or remixing.

Joining Tomic in the line up is Salvadorian DJ, Soultech, and national artists Mr Warpaint, Tektonauts, Luisfer Leal Cuessi, Dimitrius, Hector Roman, Urqui, Paul Mz, Black Dot, Workleft, DRK and Carlos Toledo.

Event design experts DecologyK and eco-builders Meta Kupol are creating a bespoke stage for the event, and Collective Oniroide will provide video mapping to match a pro sound experience.


UP NEXT: TEMPLE OSCURO (Antigua, Guatemala)

Our next big event, under the guise of our Sílekta Events & Piknik Antigua brands, is Temple Oscuro: an immersive music experience to kick off the new decade.

We’re inviting people to spin around our indoor fairytale forest, sip hot cacao in the temple lounge, and baila to bassy beats around the bonfire.

We could not be more excited for this mega line up of musical magicians from all over the world – UK, USA, Australia, Holland, Nicaragua, and of course, some incredible local talent from Guatemala.


Secret location – Antigua (shuttles available)
8PM – morning


Nikroma (US) | GURTRUDE (UK) | Woods (AUS) | AdakT (GT) | ALESI (GT) | MoMo (GT) | Alejandro Eva (GT) | Deterapist (GT)

• BONFIRE BASS STAGE (down tempo / global bass)
Tamara Montenegro (NIC) | Woods (AUS) | Walu (NL) | Alex Hentze (GT) | Wuillermo Tuff (GT) | Magisus (GT)

Live video mapping by visionary VJ Infante (MX)

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DISCOUNT: Ocaso Festival (Costa Rica)

9-13 January 2020 – Tamarindo, CR

Jungle stage

Definitely a MAJOR highlight of 2019 was underground house music festival OCASO.

The line up was insane, and it’s absolute FIRE again this year.

Want to save $15 on your ticket? Simply use the code ‘SILEKTA’ at the Eventbrite checkout here:


DISCOUNT: Eudaimonia Festival (Guatemala)

10-12 January 2020, Lake Atitlan

We are so excited that the visionary Eudaimonia Festival is coming to Guatemala for the first time.

Find out more about this two-day music, arts and culture experience at

Want to save 10% on your ticket? Use our exclusive discount code ‘5SILEKTA5’ at


Where will you be for New Year’s Eve 2019?

Discover an underground festival on a volcanic lake in Guatemala…

 Cosmic Convergence Festival – Dec 29 2019 – Jan 1 2020 

Credit: Fractal Tribe

Guatemala’s Cosmic Convergence Festival is the ‘transformational’ gathering which attracts people from all over the world to the famously mystical, volcanic Lake Atitlán every New Year’s Eve.

The four-day experience, now in its eighth year, is characterised by its mind-blowing array of music, art, workshops, live performances, sacred ceremonies, indigenous traditions and show-stopping surprises. 

Travel critics have often described its picturesque location as ‘the most beautiful lake in the world’.

Cosmic Convergence channels the energy of this sacred Mayan site to form a unique portal of collaboration and discovery. Our New Year’s Eve celebration is an epic explosion of colour, fireworks, laser lights and fire dancers, all mirrored on the lake’s surface. Everyone needs to experience it in their lifetime,” says Cosmic Convergence co-founder, David Casey.

Appealing to all tastes, four dazzlingly-designed music stages will host everything from global bass, downtempo, house, techno, psy-trance, live analog production and an eclectic range of live bands. The finest audio technology will be complemented by mesmerising projection-mapping.

This year, crowds will revel in the sounds of critically-acclaimed film composer Bluetech, Israeli DJ/producer Perfect Stranger, famous for creating his own psychedelic sub-genre, and iconic uptempo female producer Living Light. Latin American label Wizards Collective are among those to represent Guatemala’s burgeoning underground electronic scene, with Mexico’s Jaq Mendez bringing her own dark melodic techno. Phase two of the lineup will be revealed in the coming weeks.


DISCOUNT: 33% off Modular REEF Festival tickets (Roatan, Honduras)

We are beyond excited for the fifth edition of this incredible festival in Caribbean paradise.

Modular REEF 2019 is a two-day electronic music festival on and around the Caribbean island of Roatan, Honduras, 29-30 June 2019.

No, this isn’t Fyre Festival, this is the real deal & only $30 with our exclusive 33% discount on door price!!

📆 29-30 June 2019
📍 Roatán, Honduras

HOW TO GET OUR DISCOUNT (español abajo):

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2) Search for Modular REEF 2019 & click on BUY TICKET
3) Click on “general”, so the option “Silekta” appears
4) Enter the SECRET PROMO CODE: “silekta01”

Our Sílekta clients pay just L735 ($30)!


Los pasos son:
1) Entra a la pagina
2) Click en el evento Modular-REEF 2019, y click en comprar (caja verde).
3) Click en “General”, aparece la opcion “Silekta”.
4) Ingresa el “promo code”: silekta01
5) Aparecerá el precio con descuento, y podrás hacer la compra.


DJ INTERVIEW: Diego Straube

We grabbed a hot second with Berlin-based German/Guatemalan DJ and producer Diego Straube for a part-proper, part-silly chat. Straube has played alongside international techno talent such as Roberto Capuano, The Yellowheads, Tom Hades and Oscar L. He’s currently producing a remix for a world-famous Berlin DJ. Oh and he has weird dreams.

If you were a DDJ (diva DJ), what ridiculous thing would you add to your rider?

Four enormous TVs each with a PS4 and fastest internet speed for me and my crew, and a room full of fluffy stuff for my black techno cat.

What tune or musical memory gives you goosebumps and why?

The Sky was Pink (James Holden remix); it’s melody and melancholy perfectly combined.

If Diego Straube was reborn as a track, what would it be?

OC and verde – Korowai (Original Mix).

Talk us through how you prepare for a really important set…

Just prepare the music you feel is right for the night and improvise on stage. You know what will be a good start and focus on making your whole set a journey for the crowd.

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Wednesday 15 May from 5PM at Antigua’s beautiful new bar Las Brasas de Cactus.

Sílekta is back with another Ragga Social in Antigua, Guatemala.

This time we present LIVE dub & reggae music from four-piece band Nebula Soul.ALL DRINKS Q5 UNTIL 9PM (beer, liquor & wine!)

  • ALL DRINKS Q5 UNTIL 9PM (beer, liquor & wine!)
  • Ragga rum cocktail Q15 all night
  • Tacos special Q25



RAVE DIARIES: Wachalal Festival review


It’s 6AM and behind the hooded, hypnotic DJ, the sky fills with light like a perfectly poured tequila sunrise.

Techno beats with psychedelic twists grace the air as we slide to the lake’s edge to witness dawn’s dramatic unveiling of Volcan Atitlán.

WHERE: Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
WHEN: 8-11 February 2019

Wachalal Festival is set on Guatemala’s mystical Lake Atitlán, a place described by Lonely Planet as ‘the closest thing to Eden on Earth’. This massive water-filled volcanic crater, the largest in Central America, was formed by an eruption 84,000 years ago.

Known for its incredible sacred energy, Atitlán has been home to over a dozen indigenous Maya groups for millennia. The name of this new three-day festival derives from ancient Mayan language, and means brother or brotherhood. A sense of family is definitely apparent here.

Photo: Visual Balance by Daniela Pinto

When we arrive at Wachalal Lake Lodge for the warm up session, we’re wrapped in welcome hugs, set to the sound of traditional Guatemalan marimba music.

A colourful Maya mamma serves us a bowl of soul-satisfying chicken pepian (a traditional Guatemalan dish of chicken in spicy pumpkin and sesame sauce with rice) as the crowd participates in a gleeful sing-along hip hop performance in indigenous tongue. After this we watch on as the curious opening fire ceremony invites a beautiful sunset.

Photo: Daniela Pinto

Day one closes with an uplifting ‘Wachajam’ by some of the organising family. So neat it is that I later ask if they’d rehearsed much, to which co-founder Eduardo Otxoa coolly says, “actually no, it was freestyle; we haven’t played together for four years.” I’m impressed but somehow not surprised. Each member of this crew can produce/mix/strum/tap/sing or all of the above; I’m cetain thei veins run with small musical notes.

Wachajam – Photo: Daniela Pinto

The festival intends to celebrate the practices of the native indigenous cultures here, and what we’ve witnessed so far feels authentic and special. OK, to some people my pictures might appear to depict something of a neo-hippie hell, but it honestly couldn’t have felt further than that. Loin-cloths and fire-spells aside, this was – put simply – a fun gathering of chill people. The calm before the psychedelic storm, if you like.

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INTERVIEW: Wachalal Festival family


One of our first ever promo campaigns was the launch of San Pedro La Laguna‘s new water-side sleep and social spot, Wachalal Lake Lodge, in March last year. Having met the glowing souls behind this project, it’s no surprise that their journey of growth has been accelerated and awe-inspiring.

Driven by their desire to nurture the beautiful spirit of Lake Atitlan and its communities, now they’ve created the first Wachalal Festival (8-10 February 2019), featuring workshops, ceremonies and an eclectic array of musical artists from all over the world. They kindly spared the time for a quick chat to reveal more…

You’ve created something so different and special for San Pedro. How did the family form and project blossom?

Lake Atitlan has been a big part of our lives since we were kids, we´ve seen the evolution and growth of this mystical lake, and particularly San Pedro La Laguna is a town that has always felt like home.

And Wachalal was born from the idea of building a platform to reunite all our projects together, this is how Wachalal Lake Lodge came to form; its been a slow and steady process that has started to flourish in lots of ways. The lodge is a cornerstone for the artistic projects in development and helps us integrate with the local mayan community in the lake, aiming to create a sustainable way to reunite music, art, culture, enviorment and sociocultural subjects in a common space.

Read more…


How it all began…

As circles of the sun go, 2018 span us something golden. Our journey began in the cozy colonial town of Antigua, Guatemala. A place that, if you’re swept by its magic, will both fill your heart and blow your mind daily. We are two British girls, both humbled by the gifts of this planet and totally enamored by music, who met on a hostel terrace and our souls became instantly inseparable. Captured by the warmth of the people in this special place, we couldn’t leave. But we weren’t ‘trapped in a vortex’, as the classic traveller prose goes, this was real freedom.

Weeks later, Sílekta Events was born. Us loudmouth balls of energy rolled from hostel to bar, proudly preaching about the booming music scene and local entertainment on offer. Flyering in exchange for free beer quickly moved into 100+ people party tours and promotional campaigns for international bookings such as Josh Butler (UK), Andhim (GER) & Tom Hades (BEL). We’ve partnered with some of Guatemala’s leading music minds to promote, manage and produce quality events designed to entertain a beautiful blend of locals, expats and travellers. Inspired by the talent of our peers, we excitedly launched our very own Sílekta nights, featuring local and international musicians, and became a Siri-like service for event info (see House and techno Guatemala on FB).

We don’t have enough fingers and toes between us to count the highlights, but special mention goes to our Piknik Antigua family, with whom we created a new brand, breaking boundaries to design innovative experiences for thousands of people. Oh… and stage-managing Antigua’s first ever gay Pride was technicoloured dream .

After closing 2018 working on one of Central America’s most culturally significant festivals, Cosmic Convergence, we began 2019 at Costa Rica’s underground music festival Ocaso, where we built friendships with some of the world’s most impressive (and lovely) production and DJ talent we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

So thank you to everyone who has welcomed and supported us; you’ve driven us to fulfill our dreams and grow beside you. Here’s to another year of magical moments and special connections. We hope you all have a happy one.


10 ways to fake a festival at home (the DIY kit)

Festival season 2020 is cancelled. Thanks COVID-19. Here’s our list of 10 ways you can get that festival feeling at home RIGHT NOW.

For the first time in 33 years, no Burning Man. And Glastonbury Festival’s 50th birthday party is off. It’s like a bad dream.

To soften the blow, we’ve handpicked a super Silektion of accessories to create that fezzy vibe in your own home.

We’re bagging everything below on Amazon right now (yes – they’re still delivering in most countries!)

Home decor

Add a touch of festival magic to your home with these curtain fairy lights. Bonus: you’ll be ready for Christmas. 

Transform your bed into the festival chill tepee with this cute bed canopy.  It’s also a mosquito net, double win.

Get those ultimate festival feels by swinging/sleeping/smoking away your days in this comfy free-standing hammock.

Hang a trippy psychedelic wall tapestry and meditate until it becomes a secret portal into festival land.

These multifunctional fire bowl heater/BBQ/ice pit thingys for the garden are SICK. Warm those hands, cool those beers, roast those veggies, share “I dropped my [X] in the portaloo” stories.

Create the ultimate campsite chill vibe in your own yard with an inflatable lounge chair that won’t let you down (literally). 


Nowadays, festivals are all yoga by sunlight, shoot for the lasers till sunrise. All you need at home is a hip(pie) mat, YouTube and some imagination – just squint at a pot plant and pretend it’s the Costa Rican jungle backdrop of Envision Festival.

Let’s be real, what good is any of this other sh*t without MUSIC. The UE Boom 2 is the bombest portable speaker.  You get 8+ hours of booming music via bluetooth or AUX. Plus it’s dropproof (we’ve proven this, too many times). It’s got POWER, so don’t be surprised if security come knocking on your tent to complain. 

One of our FAVE picks… this cute set of 4 x DIY cocktail kits.  Ice cold cockis are a staple of summer festival life, right? These are the lazy way to get hazy. 

The final touch, for those that wanna get serious, is:  mood lighting.  This USB-rechargeable, portable cube shoots proper naughty laser lights wherever you are. We suggest taking over your garden (check the video below!)

So that’s it. Our transformational tips to make your home feel more festivally (that’s a word).

Anything we’ve forgotten? Let us know!

MEANWHILE: isolation in a back garden in the UK...

📹: Marc Inglis
Shared by Defective Records