10 ways to fake a festival at home (the DIY kit)

Festival season 2020 is cancelled. Thanks COVID-19. Here’s our list of 10 ways you can get that festival feeling at home RIGHT NOW.

For the first time in 33 years, no Burning Man. And Glastonbury Festival’s 50th birthday party is off. It’s like a bad dream.

To soften the blow, we’ve handpicked a super Silektion of accessories to create that fezzy vibe in your own home.

We’re bagging everything below on Amazon right now (yes – they’re still delivering in most countries!)

Home decor

Add a touch of festival magic to your home with these curtain fairy lights. Bonus: you’ll be ready for Christmas. 

Transform your bed into the festival chill tepee with this cute bed canopy.  It’s also a mosquito net, double win.

Get those ultimate festival feels by swinging/sleeping/smoking away your days in this comfy free-standing hammock.

Hang a trippy psychedelic wall tapestry and meditate until it becomes a secret portal into festival land.

These multifunctional fire bowl heater/BBQ/ice pit thingys for the garden are SICK. Warm those hands, cool those beers, roast those veggies, share “I dropped my [X] in the portaloo” stories.

Create the ultimate campsite chill vibe in your own yard with an inflatable lounge chair that won’t let you down (literally). 


Nowadays, festivals are all yoga by sunlight, shoot for the lasers till sunrise. All you need at home is a hip(pie) mat, YouTube and some imagination – just squint at a pot plant and pretend it’s the Costa Rican jungle backdrop of Envision Festival.

Let’s be real, what good is any of this other sh*t without MUSIC. The UE Boom 2 is the bombest portable speaker.  You get 8+ hours of booming music via bluetooth or AUX. Plus it’s dropproof (we’ve proven this, too many times). It’s got POWER, so don’t be surprised if security come knocking on your tent to complain. 

One of our FAVE picks… this cute set of 4 x DIY cocktail kits.  Ice cold cockis are a staple of summer festival life, right? These are the lazy way to get hazy. 

The final touch, for those that wanna get serious, is:  mood lighting.  This USB-rechargeable, portable cube shoots proper naughty laser lights wherever you are. We suggest taking over your garden (check the video below!)

So that’s it. Our transformational tips to make your home feel more festivally (that’s a word).

Anything we’ve forgotten? Let us know!

MEANWHILE: isolation in a back garden in the UK...

📹: Marc Inglis
Shared by Defective Records

DISCOUNT: Bosnia’s Mladen Tomic in Guatemala

Saturday 8 February from 4 PM – Antigua, Guatemala

Join our exclusive 25% discount guestlist (INFO BELOW)

Local electronic music event promotors The Future Sound and Freakquency start the year with DJ and Producer Mladen Tomic from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who’s landing in Guatemala for the first time.

Tomic is known for his hypnotic techno and tech-house sounds, enhanced with powerful groove lines and bass with a strong personal touch, when producing, mixing or remixing.

Joining Tomic in the line up is Salvadorian DJ, Soultech, and national artists Mr Warpaint, Tektonauts, Luisfer Leal Cuessi, Dimitrius, Hector Roman, Urqui, Paul Mz, Black Dot, Workleft, DRK and Carlos Toledo.

Event design experts DecologyK and eco-builders Meta Kupol are creating a bespoke stage for the event, and Collective Oniroide will provide video mapping to match a pro sound experience.


UP NEXT: TEMPLE OSCURO (Antigua, Guatemala)

Our next big event, under the guise of our Sílekta Events & Piknik Antigua brands, is Temple Oscuro: an immersive music experience to kick off the new decade.

We’re inviting people to spin around our indoor fairytale forest, sip hot cacao in the temple lounge, and baila to bassy beats around the bonfire.

We could not be more excited for this mega line up of musical magicians from all over the world – UK, USA, Australia, Holland, Nicaragua, and of course, some incredible local talent from Guatemala.


Secret location – Antigua (shuttles available)
8PM – morning


Nikroma (US) | GURTRUDE (UK) | Woods (AUS) | AdakT (GT) | ALESI (GT) | MoMo (GT) | Alejandro Eva (GT) | Deterapist (GT)

• BONFIRE BASS STAGE (down tempo / global bass)
Tamara Montenegro (NIC) | Woods (AUS) | Walu (NL) | Alex Hentze (GT) | Wuillermo Tuff (GT) | Magisus (GT)

Live video mapping by visionary VJ Infante (MX)

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