Where will you be for New Year’s Eve 2019?

Discover an underground festival on a volcanic lake in Guatemala…

 Cosmic Convergence Festival – Dec 29 2019 – Jan 1 2020 

Credit: Fractal Tribe

Guatemala’s Cosmic Convergence Festival is the ‘transformational’ gathering which attracts people from all over the world to the famously mystical, volcanic Lake Atitlán every New Year’s Eve.

The four-day experience, now in its eighth year, is characterised by its mind-blowing array of music, art, workshops, live performances, sacred ceremonies, indigenous traditions and show-stopping surprises. 

Travel critics have often described its picturesque location as ‘the most beautiful lake in the world’.

Cosmic Convergence channels the energy of this sacred Mayan site to form a unique portal of collaboration and discovery. Our New Year’s Eve celebration is an epic explosion of colour, fireworks, laser lights and fire dancers, all mirrored on the lake’s surface. Everyone needs to experience it in their lifetime,” says Cosmic Convergence co-founder, David Casey.

Appealing to all tastes, four dazzlingly-designed music stages will host everything from global bass, downtempo, house, techno, psy-trance, live analog production and an eclectic range of live bands. The finest audio technology will be complemented by mesmerising projection-mapping.

This year, crowds will revel in the sounds of critically-acclaimed film composer Bluetech, Israeli DJ/producer Perfect Stranger, famous for creating his own psychedelic sub-genre, and iconic uptempo female producer Living Light. Latin American label Wizards Collective are among those to represent Guatemala’s burgeoning underground electronic scene, with Mexico’s Jaq Mendez bringing her own dark melodic techno. Phase two of the lineup will be revealed in the coming weeks.

People travel from every continent to take part in the festival’s visionary workshops. Envision Festival trailblazer and ‘modern witch’ Sarah Wu, ‘personal transformation’ world expert Gaia Ma and naturopathic medicine guru Cassandra Wilder are amongst those running intimate sessions.

There will be a whole village of learning and play spaces to explore. Every year Cosmic Convergence expands on its wild and wonderful programme of activities, with favourites including tantric yoga, contact dance improvisation, cacao ceremonies, yoni egg blessings and even a sacred twerking ritual, held by influential teachers in their field. 

This year’s lineup features some of the most hypnotising musicians and inspirational voices on the planet right now. We’re ready to make magical new memories, share genuinely life-changing experiences and dance like never before,” adds Casey.

Festival-goers are invited to adventure through the grounds and discover the marketplace, mystical tea lounge, dragons nest chill tunnel, sacred fire, healing area, performance globe, women’s red tent and more.

Cosmic Convergence is tightly integrated into the local community. Its Social Outreach programme has funded new buildings, eco-houses, village maintenance and education for some of the most vulnerable local groups. 

Sustainability is deeply woven into the fabric of everything Cosmic Convergence does. Visionaries from both local and global cultures will unite to cultivate a shift in consciousness and solidify a sustainable collective vision for creating rapid social and ecological change on the planet. 

Cosmic Convergence co-founder and producer, David Casey, says: “This year our theme is ‘recode’. It’s about rewinding to the more organic, less wasteful time of our ancestors, and revisiting ancient technologies. Everything on-site, including our incredible hand-crafted stage art pieces and all toilet facilities, will be built from the ground up using innovative renewable bio-construction, inspired by local indigenous practice. Never has an aligned global consciousness been as powerful as is in our hands now. The whole world is invited to take part.”

Cosmic Convergence Festival takes place 29th December 2019 – 1st January 2020

For more information visit www.cosmic convergence festival.org 

If you would like to partner with Cosmic Convergence and earn revenue offering your community discounted tickets, please email lara@cosmicconvergencefestival.org.

If you would like to buy tickets, you can save 10% using the promo code SILEKTA.

To watch the new teaser movie for the 2019-20 festival visit: http://bit.ly/cosmicvideo 

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