DJ INTERVIEW: Diego Straube

We grabbed a hot second with Berlin-based German/Guatemalan DJ and producer Diego Straube for a part-proper, part-silly chat. Straube has played alongside international techno talent such as Roberto Capuano, The Yellowheads, Tom Hades and Oscar L. He’s currently producing a remix for a world-famous Berlin DJ. Oh and he has weird dreams.

If you were a DDJ (diva DJ), what ridiculous thing would you add to your rider?

Four enormous TVs each with a PS4 and fastest internet speed for me and my crew, and a room full of fluffy stuff for my black techno cat.

What tune or musical memory gives you goosebumps and why?

The Sky was Pink (James Holden remix); it’s melody and melancholy perfectly combined.

If Diego Straube was reborn as a track, what would it be?

OC and verde – Korowai (Original Mix).

Talk us through how you prepare for a really important set…

Just prepare the music you feel is right for the night and improvise on stage. You know what will be a good start and focus on making your whole set a journey for the crowd.

Describe how you feel when you play in three words… 

Euphoric, transmitting, connected.

What last made you REALLY laugh? 

Today I laughed so much at someone else’s laugh. Is that like laughter inception?!

What are you watching on Netflix? 

Perfum, the German series. It’s so creepy.

Most addicted to?

Music, social smoking and definitely good food.

Tell us a weird dream you’ve had recently… 

I was this strange kind of Call of Duty figure and I had to heal myself on the map so I could still be alive in the real world. It felt real AF.

Off-duty, are you a night owl or early riser? What fills that time? 

I must say I’m a night owl. I make music in my free time, I totally lose track of time when I’m in that zone!

Career highlight of 2018? 

Getting signed to French record label Rubiks Recordings and releasing my productions through them. It’s the dream.

Most excited about this year…?

New music, new people, new feelings.

In Guatemala? Catch Diego Straube playing at Santo Perdido, Antigua on Saturday 18th May 2019.

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