DJ INTERVIEW: Oneiro (Costa Rica)

We caught up with Costa Rican DJ/producer Oneiro AKA Ivan Cespedes, a pioneer in Costa Rica’s burgeoning electronic music scene.

Oneiro has been playing and making music for 22 years, from psy-trance in the 90s to his signature progressive techno sounds of late. Now he works to create a mix between both genres, blending tech-house percussion and bass lines with unusual psychedelic and hypnotic synth sounds.

He’s one fourth of trailblazing collective Electric Animals, who smashed into the CR scene with their now-infamous day raves and sold out Electric Animals festival.

It was fun to chat…


Let’s start light. What last made you REALLY laugh? 

Jeez, I don’t know! I laugh so often it’s impossible to keep track, especially as I’m messing with my friends on an hourly basis, but I was laughing so hard at this dog meme/video:

LOL. If you were a diva DJ, what ridiculous thing(s) would you add to your rider? Go wild.

100 white towels, 100 kittens, 100 white doves, 100 pairs of clean briefs, 1 bottle of water

Yes, it’s important to hydrate. Would you rather lose your ability to DJ forever OR all food taste like McDonald’s for 10 years?

I’m a vegan! Fuck Macky D’s a million times, but yeah, fuck… I want to taste. Don’t take my music from me (if you’re listening God, please don’t take either of them!!)

We think you’re safe for now. Would you rather run at 100 mph or fly at 10 mph?

Fly, of course, 10 mph means I get to the Stratopause in 5 hours. I’d take a picture of the curvature of the earth just to keep all flat earthers from ridiculing themselves any longer.


What tune or musical memory gives you goosebumps and why? 

Listening to an orchestra live for the first time, playing John William’s Star Wars theme.

If you were reborn as a track, what would it be and why? 

Aha – Take On Me, because my life is like an action cartoon when I least expect it.  

Sounds like quite the trip.
Describe how you feel when you play in three words… 

I feel useful.

Nice answer. OK, we have to go there – what’s your theory on COVID-19…. Bill Gates? 5G? Aliens? Go on, hit us with it.

The people behind the curtain, manipulating everything, and an obvious shift of power, which will nonetheless be used to the U.S advantage, even though it seems to benefit China more.


Off-duty, are you a night owl or early riser? What do you get up to?

Mostly an early riser but I usually play out two or three times a week. Well… before KARANAVIRUZ, now my schedule is all f’ed up.

What are you watching on Netflix? Should we stream it?

I don’t use Netflix, but I am watching Better Call Saul and Westworld and I got this documentary a few weeks ago, called The Substance, about Albert Hoffman. It’s super interesting.

Tell us a weird dream you had recently…

I don’t dream like normal people. All my dreams play out like fantasy movies with solid stories and plot twists. I have like five crazy dreams a week that I can remember. The last one was about a herd of bulls that were each the size of a garbage truck and they were chasing me.

Wow. That’s terrifying! So, back to music… is there a genre you really hate?   

I certainly don’t like reggae much. I love the fathers of reggae roots, but besides that everything seems to have stagnated since the early 80s. No innovation – everything sounds the same.


How do you juggle work life and the party scene? Constant temptation, no?

I have been sober for 9 months, so there’s no temptation anymore. Bigger goals require bigger concentration and discipline. My goals come first, partying doesn’t lead to fulfilling my goals.

PREACH. We love that. How do you prepare for an important set?

I listen to new music for at least a month and the last week I start sorting by genre, by intensity, by vibe, then I start seeing what goes well with what. Once I’ve got everything sorted into folders it’s not hard to piece it together and flow.

Fave career moment of 2019? 

So many, but I guess our Electric Animals Day Party in September, I had so much fun. And closing Lapa stage at Envision Festival is always insane.

Hands down, our favourite set from Envision 2019! So, lastly, what does the life of DJ Oneiro 2030 look like?

Tons of music finished and signed to good labels. I see myself teaching how to make music to a lot of young kids that will continue to propagate my musical legacy in my beautiful country and the rest of the planet.

You’re awesome.

Listen to Oneiro’s tracks and sets on Soundcloud HERE or stream his set from Envision Festival 2020 right now below.

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