How it all began…

As circles of the sun go, 2018 span us something golden. Our journey began in the cozy colonial town of Antigua, Guatemala. A place that, if you’re swept by its magic, will both fill your heart and blow your mind daily. We are two British girls, both humbled by the gifts of this planet and totally enamored by music, who met on a hostel terrace and our souls became instantly inseparable. Captured by the warmth of the people in this special place, we couldn’t leave. But we weren’t ‘trapped in a vortex’, as the classic traveller prose goes, this was real freedom.

Weeks later, Sílekta Events was born. Us loudmouth balls of energy rolled from hostel to bar, proudly preaching about the booming music scene and local entertainment on offer. Flyering in exchange for free beer quickly moved into 100+ people party tours and promotional campaigns for international bookings such as Josh Butler (UK), Andhim (GER) & Tom Hades (BEL). We’ve partnered with some of Guatemala’s leading music minds to promote, manage and produce quality events designed to entertain a beautiful blend of locals, expats and travellers. Inspired by the talent of our peers, we excitedly launched our very own Sílekta nights, featuring local and international musicians, and became a Siri-like service for event info (see House and techno Guatemala on FB).

We don’t have enough fingers and toes between us to count the highlights, but special mention goes to our Piknik Antigua family, with whom we created a new brand, breaking boundaries to design innovative experiences for thousands of people. Oh… and stage-managing Antigua’s first ever gay Pride was technicoloured dream .

After closing 2018 working on one of Central America’s most culturally significant festivals, Cosmic Convergence, we began 2019 at Costa Rica’s underground music festival Ocaso, where we built friendships with some of the world’s most impressive (and lovely) production and DJ talent we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

So thank you to everyone who has welcomed and supported us; you’ve driven us to fulfill our dreams and grow beside you. Here’s to another year of magical moments and special connections. We hope you all have a happy one.


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