INTERVIEW: Wachalal Festival family


One of our first ever promo campaigns was the launch of San Pedro La Laguna‘s new water-side sleep and social spot, Wachalal Lake Lodge, in March last year. Having met the glowing souls behind this project, it’s no surprise that their journey of growth has been accelerated and awe-inspiring.

Driven by their desire to nurture the beautiful spirit of Lake Atitlan and its communities, now they’ve created the first Wachalal Festival (8-10 February 2019), featuring workshops, ceremonies and an eclectic array of musical artists from all over the world. They kindly spared the time for a quick chat to reveal more…

You’ve created something so different and special for San Pedro. How did the family form and project blossom?

Lake Atitlan has been a big part of our lives since we were kids, we´ve seen the evolution and growth of this mystical lake, and particularly San Pedro La Laguna is a town that has always felt like home.

And Wachalal was born from the idea of building a platform to reunite all our projects together, this is how Wachalal Lake Lodge came to form; its been a slow and steady process that has started to flourish in lots of ways. The lodge is a cornerstone for the artistic projects in development and helps us integrate with the local mayan community in the lake, aiming to create a sustainable way to reunite music, art, culture, enviorment and sociocultural subjects in a common space.

What’s been the highlight of your adventure so far?

“It’s been a wild adventure with many highlights, full of ups and downs, but most importantly; the friendships that have been built, a continuing growing community that each day feels more like family.”

We are grateful for every single person that has contributed to the growth of this project. This actually transmits the meaning of the word Wachalal, which means brotherhood, or family member in mayan languange. It describes a deeper connection with yourself and what surrounds you.

We are so excited for the festival. How did the idea come about?

Most of us have been directly influenced by music since very young, also we have produced countless events through our careers, so the festival comes more of a necessity to gather everyone, and create something that feels fresh in the Guatemalan scene. 

It’s such an epic line up. How did you select which artists to invite into the family?

In the last few years we have grown and expanded in so many ways, travelling to many countries and making so many new connection. The main idea behind the line up was to carefully curate a journey through many styles and genres, including overseas artists, old friends, and new upcoming talents, both international and local.

“We want to create an experience that reflects our vision, this is the most important aspect for us, musically speaking. To have a memorable experience, every time we create a gathering.”

In three words, describe how you’d like people to remember their experience at the festival?

Guatemala, is, Awesome! (LOL)

Sustainable staging – Ambiento bamboo building underway…

Anything else you’d like people to know?

We would like to invite everyone around Guatemala on the first weekend of February, travellers, residents and of course our fellow Guatemalans to join this gathering and come hang in the lake…

It’s a three-day journey, beginning Friday the 8th with a Mayan Ceremony, traditional Guatemalan music and food. In order to get to know everyone, interact with the local community and relax.

The festival will be held in two locations, Wachalal Lake Lodge for Day 1 and 2, and -then we will move to a private secret beach for the main 30-hour music experience.

Accesibility to the nearby towns will be available, so you can plan your weekend in San Pedro la Laguna or San Marcos la Laguna. And come enjoy this experience with us!

Gracias, maltiox, thank you!

You can buy tickets for Wachalal Festival HERE. Enter promotional code ‘Silekta‘ to receive a 30% discount (only before 7th Feb).

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