DISCOUNT: Eudaimonia Festival (Guatemala)

10-12 January 2020, Lake Atitlan

We are so excited that the visionary Eudaimonia Festival is coming to Guatemala for the first time.

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DJ INTERVIEW: Diego Straube

We grabbed a hot second with Berlin-based German/Guatemalan DJ and producer Diego Straube for a part-proper, part-silly chat. Straube has played alongside international techno talent such as Roberto Capuano, The Yellowheads, Tom Hades and Oscar L. He’s currently producing a remix for a world-famous Berlin DJ. Oh and he has weird dreams.

If you were a DDJ (diva DJ), what ridiculous thing would you add to your rider?

Four enormous TVs each with a PS4 and fastest internet speed for me and my crew, and a room full of fluffy stuff for my black techno cat.

What tune or musical memory gives you goosebumps and why?

The Sky was Pink (James Holden remix); it’s melody and melancholy perfectly combined.

If Diego Straube was reborn as a track, what would it be?

OC and verde – Korowai (Original Mix).

Talk us through how you prepare for a really important set…

Just prepare the music you feel is right for the night and improvise on stage. You know what will be a good start and focus on making your whole set a journey for the crowd.

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Wednesday 15 May from 5PM at Antigua’s beautiful new bar Las Brasas de Cactus.

Sílekta is back with another Ragga Social in Antigua, Guatemala.

This time we present LIVE dub & reggae music from four-piece band Nebula Soul.ALL DRINKS Q5 UNTIL 9PM (beer, liquor & wine!)

  • ALL DRINKS Q5 UNTIL 9PM (beer, liquor & wine!)
  • Ragga rum cocktail Q15 all night
  • Tacos special Q25